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Prof Paul B. Adu
B.Sc, HDO, SAM, DMS (Astrol)

Prof. Paul Adu is a Professional and International Crystal Ball Reader, Palmist, Naturopath, Mystic, spiritualist and Spiritual Consultant. He is famous all over the Western World, Asia and Africa, and has visited many parts of the World including regular visits to the USA, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, Egypt, Canada, France and Nigeria.
      A Master whose lifelong study of religion through an emotion have brought him recognition, and while his humanistic and sympathetic insight have endeared his name to thousands, his works are everywhere and his name stands in the minds of those who don't even know him in person.
      He is also the founder of New Age Guardian Light Mystic Centre™, whose aims and purpose are wholly spiritually known. It will take the New Age Guardian Light to every persons life, and destroy darkness, sickness and evil powers disturbing mankind.


We are here to help you, your relatives and friends, either near or far. Distance is no barrier for your spiritual treatment. Many assure us that the catalogue that we produce and the Great Books and Materials that are in it, have been of incredible help and assistance to those with great ambition, burning desires and overpowering fears. The spiritual Arts and Sciences, are undoubtedly old with the Wisdom of Ages, but New Age Guardian Light reaffirms and teaches the secret of it for the benefit of mankind.

If you are on life's ebb you can be sure of our help in order to win success or obtain your hearts desire. Seek the Onward and Upward road to success and happiness to greater accomplishment and fuller enjoyment of life. Banish Boredom and Frustration with knowledge and true power that comes from knowledge. "The Gate is Open"

New Age Guardian Light is leading you to the premodial light within you. The history of spiritualism recedes from views back into the ages of Antiquity and that spirit communication constitutes one long unbroken chain stretching from the most modern times. Great masterminds also show that there has been no time in any ages when it has ever ceased to exist, and that the many legions altered opinions and the rise and fall of Governments and Dynasties have never succeeded in driving out of the soul of man, the inherent desire to communicate with the inhabitants of the spirit world, and have no more succeeded in obliterating spirit manifestation and communication from the books of human destiny.

New Age Guardian Light offer you the practical way whereby you can communicate with God directly without any   intermediary. We don't believe in religion in its brand name, only when you have discarded manmade religion and its brand name, will your God be able to reside within your body temple, which is the only true living church.


I am there, I am your inner light.
Do you need me ? I am there, you cannot see me, yet I am the light you see.
You cannot hear  yet I spoke through your choice.
You cannot feel me, yet I am the power that works in your body.
I am at work through you, yet you do not understand my ways.
I am at work through you, yet you don't recognise my works.
I am not a strange vision, and I am not mysterious.
Only in absolute stillness by yourself can you know me as I am,
and then but as a feeling and faith.
Only with this Guardian Light
you can know, see, feel, hear and understand.
With it you can do and undo; See yourself as one of the light's work;
The light can create and destroy; Through this light you can know and perform.

New Age Guardian Light is the only answer to your life's problems.

Prof. Paul B. Adu
The Spiritual Master

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Saturday, 17-Jan-2004

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