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Some of the Books we have in stock

GLB01 Herbs to help you sleep Price  on   Application
GLB02 Big and complete Holy Bible "
GLB03 Office of the Holy Tree of Life "
GLB04 Pow - Wow's or Long Lost Friend "
GLB05 The Lesser Key of Solomon "
GLB06 Book of Forbidding Knowledge "
GLB07 Master Book of Candle Burning "
GLB08 8th, 9th, and 10th Book of Moses "
GLB09 St. Michael Prayer Book "
GLB10 Never want for money again "
GLB11 How to prove you have A Guardian Angel (by New Age Guardian Light) "
GLB12 Amazing Prophecies of the Great Seers "
GLB13 Talking Stone "
GLB14 Practical Guide to Self Hypnosis "
GLB15 Experimental Magic "
GLB16 Ophiels "The Art & Practice of Spiritual Philosophy" "
GLB17 6th and 7th Book of Moses "
GLB18 The Art and Practice of Talisman Magic "
GLB19 The Secret of Psalm "
GLB20 Three Magic Words (U.S.Anderson) "
GLB21 7 Steps of Power "
GLB22 The Secret of Secrets "
GLB23 Book of Pagan "
GLB24 The Book of the Astral Body "
GLB25 Astrology and Marriage "
GLB26 The Sword of Moses "
GLB27 Applied Magic "
GLB28 The God within us "
GLB29 How to conduct a Candlelight service "
GLB30 Napoleon Book of Fate "
GLB31 Dreams Lucky Numbers "
GLB32 The Psychic Power of Hypnosis "
GLB33 The Ancient Art of Spiritual Healing "
GLB34 Herbs for First Aid and Minor Ailments "
GLB35 An introduction to Telepathy "
GLB36 Precious Stone W.B.Crow Disc (PHD) "
GLB37 Herbs to Soothe your nerves "
GLB38 Herbs for Healthy Hair "
GLB39 Book of Medium "
GLB40 Legends of Incense Herbs and Oils "
GLB41 The Greater Key of Solomon "
GLB42 St. Anthony Treasure "
GLB43 Complete Book of the Tarot "
GLB44 Complete Book of Tarot Reading "
GLB45 The Ancient Art of Self Healing "
GLB46 Morning and Evening Meditation "
GLB47 Teaching yourself Astrology "
GLB48 Astrologers Handbook "
GLB49 Tibetan Book of the Dead "
GLB50 Aquarian Gospel of Jesus Christ "
GLB51 Wheel of Fortune "
GLB52 Candle Burning Magic "
GLB53 The Metaphysical Handbook "
GLB54 Spellcraft, Hexcraft, and Witchcraft (Anna Riva) "
GLB55 The Golden Secrets of Mystic Oils "
GLB56 The HEALING Power of Faith (Will Overseer) "
GLB57 Spiritualism: Its Theory and Practice "
GLB58 The Kabbalah Unveiled "
GLB59 Think and Grow Rich "
GLB60 Oriental Magic "
GLB61 How to Win Friends and Influence People "
GLB62 The Lost Book of the Bible "
GLB63 Book of the Dead "
GLB64 Science of Spirit Healing "
GLB65 Hypnotic Power "
GLB66 Prayer: Asking and Receiving "
GLB67 God's Message "
GLB68 Change your life through Prayer "
GLB69 Hypnotism for Professionals "
GLB70 The Power to Love "
GLB71 How to have confidence and power in dealing with people "
GLB72 The Magic of Believing "
GLB73 The Silent Friend, Marriage Guide and Medical Adviser "
GLB74 Indians Hood Unveiled (A Spirit Sign in South India) Revealing the spirit signs of South India. Levitation or the raising of a body. "
GLB75 The Philosophy of Natural Magic "
GLB76 Obsession and Possession by Spirits both Good and Evil "
GLB77 Transcendental Magic It's Doctrine and Ritual by Eliphas Levi "
GLB78 The Book of Black Magic "
GLB79 The Master Key "
GLB80 The Sacred Magic of Abra-Mehin the Mage "
GLB81 The Golden Dawn Magic Book "
GLB82 The Great Book of Magical Earth Hindu Magic and East India Spiritualism: This book is for the exclusive use of sincere students in Hindu Magic Spiritualism, Natural Magic, Cabalistical Magic, Magic Pentacles, Talismanic Magic, Key for the composition of Talisman, Amulets Charms and Seals for all Talisman Ceremonial Hindu and Celestial Magic. "
GLB83 Secrets of Self Hypnosis (Gibbert Oakley) "
GLB84 Self Hypnosis: It's Theory, Techniques and Application (Melvin Powers) "
GLB85 Book of Talismans, Amulets and Zodiacal Gems "
GLB86 Casting Out the Devils "
GLB87 The Complete Magic Curriculum of The Secret Order
(G.B.G. Louis T. Culling)
GLB88 Crystal Gazing and Clairvoyancy (John Melvite) "
GLB89 Dreams, Lucky Numbers, Omens, Oils and Incense (Zolar) "
GLB90 Fortune Telling with Cards (P.Foll) "
GLB91 A History of Magic, Witchcraft and spiritualism "

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