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Egyptian name for the Sun, supreme source of life.


The magickal name for a knive used in ceremonial magick.


Continent submerged in the Atlantic, its survivors being, it is believed, the ancient Egyptians.

Hebrew word for the divinity of the heavenly bodies.

Gods bearing the prefix "baal" in the Old Testament were vitrified and condemned as being forces of evil and corruption. This attitude still prevails in modern orthodox Christianity and Judaism.


Esoterically the supposed story, purpose and destiny of man. Esoterically rich in magickal and mystical revelation.


The use of magick for selfish, material ends. Tremendous controversy amongst magicians on this point. Black magick often associated with the evil work of devil cultists.


The inner mystical and magickal interpretation of the Old Testament. A profound study of the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet, containing the key to the mysteries of the universe. An immensely complex doctrine, most simply explained by the diagrammatic Tree of Life taught by most esoteric schools.


Zodiacal sign of the crab symbolising possessiveness, and sensitivity. A symbol of home and motherhood. A difficult sign for men to be born under: very much a "karmic" sign for them.


The use of candles in either prayer or ritual for the purpose of increasing favourable vibrations for the fulfilment of objective sought. Several books on the subject available, the best and most comprehensive being Anna Riva's "Candle Burning Magick".


The "winter sign" of the zodiac hence the "coldness" of its subjects. A "karmic sign", ruled by the great Karmic Lord, Saturn, in his negative form: those born under this sign are working off bad karmic debts from previous incarnations. Not the most enviable of signs to be born under, but it is a sign of character.


The divination of the future by means of ordinary playing cards.


The six "psychic centres" of the body:
base of spine;
behind eyebrows


One who for selfish motives claims to have spiritual powers. Many folk in the spiritual world are in fact charlatans thereby giving the true spiritual practitioners in general a bad name. The aspirant should be very wary of anybody claiming to have special powers. The true spiritualistt never brags about his powers. To the contrary secrecy and discretion are the hallmarks of the true practitioner.


A small organisation of witches formed for the purpose of developing and practising magickal powers under the auspices of its leader, the "high priest", or "high priestess". Many are under the impression that they can only obtain true magickal power by joining a coven. This is only true for those in need of personal instructions and help. One can develop magickal powers as a lone working individual, without the help of others. All one needs is a grimoire, desire and common sense.


Total separation of the spirit, or astral body, from its physical shell.


Greek word meaning the creative forces of the universe. Also known as "derniurge".


Evil entities on the lower planes of astral existence who occasionally take possession, and torment, those on the physical plane. Grotesque and frightening in appearance, they physically manifest themselves in the presence of the evil magician who summons them for his requirements. Novice practitioners of the evil arts are unable to control these entities the end result being that they end up being controlled by them. Hence the disturbing phenomena known as "possession" . Demons cannot take possession of a good soul for they cannot exist in an atmosphere of good; and a good soul would not invoke their aid in the first place.


The "arch demon". Personification of evil.


Substance used by those departed spirits who materialise during a seance. The ectoplasm comes from the mouth of the medium conducting the seance. This phenomenon is rare. Charlatan mediums, of whom there are many, have tried to create the effect of ectoplasm in order to convince sitters of their supposed powers.


The nature spirits of the four elements. The fire spirits are called "salamandars", the wind "undines", the air "sylphs", the earth "gnomes".


That which is secret; not for public knowledge.


A curse conveyed by the glance of an evil magician.


The casting out by magikal and spiritual means evil or negative influences obsessing persons or objects.

The outer, superficial rendering of a hidden truth.


The "intellectual sign" of the zodiac; its subjects are lively and inquisitive people; great book people. It is the first of the air signs in the zodiac being ruled by the positive side of the fast moving hot planet Mercury, the result being "hot air" which sums up Geminians. Fast moving and full of hot air; these people, as a rule, are not to be relied upon. Significantly the United States is ruled by Gemini: a country full of fast moving, hot air types.


Derived from "gnosis", the Greek word for knowledge. The gnostics were early Christians who broke from the orthodox churches in pursuit of mystical knowledge and revelation.


In conventional theology the supreme figurehead of power and creation; an exoteric concept originated by the Jews, later used by Christianity. In the mystical tradition God is within man, and not a remote exterior force; "The Lord" is the higher power in man's psyche.


Another name for ceremonial, ritualistic magick.


An advanced spiritual teacher, usually found in India. Charlatans have been known to use the "guru" guise; claiming to possess knowledge of a special kind that will lead the follower to enlightenment; extracting fabulous sums on money from his followers, and living in great luxury, whilst advocating the need to "rise above materialism".


Good Health is the outer manifestation of inner balance and harmony.


According to the traditional religious view, a vague far off place where "good people" go. Heaven, to the mystic, is union with the High Self.


A condition created by one's mind. Also created by the individual's inability to come to terms with death AFTER HE HAD DIED. He cannot accept that he is physically "dead"; still craves for physical pleasures and satisfactions whilst being unable to indulge in same by not having a body. Some unfortunates, go through many years in this condition, it being real "hell" to them This is one explanation of the phenomena of ghost haunting; a restless soul unable to leave the physical surroundings he or she once knew.


Advanced ceremonial magick for the unfoldment of deeper powers. Beyond the scope of this grimoire which has been mainly concerned with practical, daily uses of magick, or what some call "low magick"!!


Egyptian forerunner of Christ. A sun god, being the off-spring of Osiris and Isis.


A rhyming spell or chant, usually sung. See"How to Tap the Magic Power in Spells, Incantations, Prayers and Psalms" by Geoffrey Samson.


Mother symbol of the Atlantean Mystery School. The feminine principle, identified with the Moon and Venus.


The great god of the Romans; identified with Zeus of the Greeks, Marduk of the Babylonians. Called "The Greater Benefic" by astrologers he is the prime symbol of wealth, fortune, luck, abundance. Jupiter is ruler of Sagittarius in his positive form, and co-ruler of Pisces in his negative form.


Egyptian word for the subconscious mind; the astral body.


Powerful ancient magicians that lived several thousand years in the Hawaiin Islands, only recently extinct; believed to have migrated from ancient Egypt before the decline of that mighty civilisation.


The universal Law of Cause and Effect. Usually associated with the reincarnation doctrine. One reaps in a future life what one sows in the present.


The vital energy of the body symbolised as a coiled serpent, corresponding to the chakra point at the base of the spine.


A continent now submerged under water between India
and Africa, once inhabited by an advanced race similar to the Atlanteans.


Symbolised by the Sun, the Heart, the Lion; all three are manifestations of power and importance; reflected in the psychology and attitude of the subjects under Leo's influence. See also "Sun".


Ruled by Venus, Goddess of Beauty, and symbolised by the scales of justice; folk born under this sign are invariably good looking and obsessed with balance and fair play in all things. Vain and indecisive people, Librans.


A practitioner of the magickal arts. We are all "magicians" whether we are aware of it or not. Ultimately the magician "plays God" because he seeks to create material things by supernatural means. This is why he is the ultimate threat to orthodox religious (non)thinking, represented as being of the Devil, because the magician can become god thereby destroying the whole basis of conventional religion.


Rhythmically arranged words of power.


Roman god of war, the Ares of the Greeks from whose name is derived Anes whom he rules. Combative, energetic, violent, are apt descriptions of the subjects he rules.


The "Holy Mass": ritualistic ceremony with whom all Catholics are well acquainted. Actually it is a powerful spiritual ceremony, little understood as such by Catholics themselves, hence the ceremony's inability to engender power in external events. This ceremony is thousands of years older than Catholism itself, it being originally of Babylonian origin. Not uncoincidentally Protestant fanatics refer to the Catholic Church as "The Thore of Babylon". The infamous "Black Mass" of devil cultists is an obscene defilement of the Catholic ritual. The devil cultists' obsession with the Mass is proof enough of the immense magikal power of the Catholic ceremony; there would be no need to honour it the attention of defilement if it had no power.


The winged messenger of the gods, hence the love of communication, i.e. talk and gossip, amongst the persons he influences. He is the Hermes of the Greeks and the Lord Thoth of the Egyptians.


Representative of the motherly, feminine principle in life. She rules sensitivity, emotion, inspiration. She is the passive "ying" of life. Rules the subconscious whilst her opposite, the Sun; the active "yang"; rules the conscious mind.


Latin word signifying secret rites; one who has balanced his head and heart, and can work by faith and intuition rather than reason alone.

The "mystic" planet, and co-ruler of Pisces, the mystic sign. Neptune, unfortunately, in most circumstances, manifests his influence through illusion and deception; like the sign he co-rules he is a "slippery" customer.


A magickal prayer or chant.


Five pointed star symbolising the domination of the Mind over lesser powers.


As Aries begins the zodiac starting with the head so Pisces finishes same ruling the feet. Aries is the child of the zodiac" whilst Pisces is the "old man" supposedly representing maturity and attainment; qualities rarely displayed by its subjects in practice! The sea predominates this sign in its make-up, being very much influenced by the Roman sea god Neptune, its sign being the two fishes, swimming in opposite directions- The latter sums up the Piscean soul completely: one of conflict, inconsistency and confusion.


The outermost planet of the solar system: cold, remote, mysterious. He is afford of Secrecy: Lord of Black Magick, being another facet of Satan. He is co-ruler of deadly Scorpio who loves to be secretive. In Greek myth Pluto was Lord of the Underworld; Christianity later borrowed this idea by placing the Devil (alias Satan, alias Pluto) as "Lord of Hell", hell being the "underworld".


An awareness of inner power and strength ready for use because you know that whatever you need is yours.


Symbol of the perfected man; symbol of man en-route toward the final achievement because its base rests on earth and the apex ascends toward heaven, signifying spiritual attainment, and all sides are united towards an ultimate goal.


Psychic ability to locate missing objects or people; or psychically discover an object's past history from its vibrations.


The zodiacal sign that has most impact on personality and life pattern. Not the "sun" or "birth" sign which rates a very far second in comparison to the importance of the rising sign. Ascertainable only by knowing exact time and place of birth.


The seventh caballisuc name of God, meaning "Jehovah"


As its opposite sign, Gemini, rules the lower intellectual mind Sagittarius rules the higher spiritual mind. Subjects of this sign have a natural tendency towards philosophy and higher mental pursuits. However, in many if not most instances, they tend to be talkative know-alls.


Known by many names, including Saturn, ruler of Capricorn. Positively he represents the lustful urges of the physical plane. Negatively he is the principle agency of karma, responsible for trials and tribulations that are largely self-inflicted by the darker recesses of our mind. Deep within our minds is the "underworld" of which Satan rules; he is the "Prince of Darkness", darkness being the deeper abodes of the human mind.


Often represented as the "bad guy" of the zodiac, but it has produced more than its fair share of saints. A sign of unbelievable extremes and moods. Autocratic, sensitive, secretive, intense, sensuous . . .the Scorpio person is often quite formidable! Positively this sign is represented by the Eagle, negatively by the Scorpion.


A small gathering of people for the purpose of making contact with the dead, either directly or through the voice of the medium.


The essence of magick. Magickal power is enhanced by secrecy, and is the reason for strict rules laid down by magickal groups and covens on the subject.


Another name of black magick.


Symbolises the dominion of man over animal life; the power of mind over matter; having a human head and an animal body.


Centre of our solar system, and centre (heart) of the "solar system" of our bodies; giver and sustainer of life; spiritually identified with Apollo and Christ. The male principle in life. The sun is at his most strongest and powerful when he is in his own sign, Leo (roughly July 22 to August 22, that time of the year when heat is traditionally strongest), hence the confidence, energy and magnanimity displayed by Leo subjects. Leo, symbolised by the Lion, "King of the jungle", is the sign of kings and royalty. The Queen has her natal moon in Leo; The Queen Mother has the sun in Leo, as has also the Princesses Margaret and Anne. Prince Charles has Leo rising. The Sun, "Lord Sol", is, significantly, at his weakest when he enters Capricorn in December, in the dead of winter, ruled by Saturn in his negative form. The sun's weakness and Saturn's strength accounts for the gloom, strive and difficulty that often pervades the Capricornian's life. In Christianity the Sun is, unrecognised by most Christians, symbolised by Christ ("Son" of Man) representing life and light; and Saturn is subconsciously replaced by "Satan" in Christian theology, he representing darkness and decay, reflected in the darkness and death of winter.


The connecting link between form and idea; the medium of expression revealing the relationship of an intangible agent to its tangible subject.


A 78-card deck, comprising 22 "major" cards relating to important events in one's life, and to the Hebrew alphabet; and 56 "minor" cards that amplify in detail the revelations of the major. Rich in spiritual symbolism, the cards first gained popularity in northern Italy in the late fourteenth century, but their origin is probably much older, probably Persian or Egyptian. The cards themselves provide an excellent tool for meditation and self contemplation, and are remarkably accurate for foretelling one's future, providing their symbolism is correctly interpreted; a fair amount of intuitive wisdom being required for same.


The first sign of the earth element, symbolised by the bull. The fixity of earth and the bull factor account for Taureans stubbornness, determination, conservatism. A painfully "down to earth" sign, almost totally devoid of imagination and higher thought. Taureans are, however, highly dependable people; a precious quality indeed.


Hebrew name for Diety too sacred to be spoken, based upon the words 'Yod-He-Vau-He.'


Another name of ceremonial magick.


Planet of upheaval. The higher octave of the violent Mars. He symbolises violent change, eccentricity, rebellion. He is the planet ruling the "New Age of Aquarius" now dawning upon mankind; hence the revolution, breaking down of morals and values; upheaval and violence; anarchy; that characterises our times.


Goddess of Beauty and Harmony, called the "Lesser Benefic" by astrologers for her beneficial influencing force (the "Greater Benefic" is mighty Jupiter). People with her prominently positioned in their horoscopes are usually handsome or beautiful. She symbolises the romantic feminine principle of life; another expression of Isis.


The use of ceremonial magick for the exclusive purpose of benefiting others. Very little magick can be said to truthfully come under this category.


Mystic hindu system of physical and spiritual discipline for reaching ultimate conscious union with the GodSelf. There are six basic systems of yoga:

1. MANTRA YOGA: Study and absorption of vibrations.

2. GNANA YOGA: Attainment of spiritual knowledge and awareness.

3. BHAKTI YOGA: Finding peace and fulfilment within physical body.

4. KARMA YOGA: Working to justify happiness.

5. RAJA YOGA: Total subjugation of the lower nature.

6. HATHA YOGA: Awakening of spiritual powers including the Kundalini.

There is a large element of masochism in yoga thought and practice which misses the whole point of evolutionary and spiritual progress. Significantly it attracts people mainly of a spiritually insecure and confused type.

Physically yoga can produce tremendous benefits in health and well being.


Means "The Splendour": a series of cabalistic treaties on Deity, Cosmogeny, Souls, Angels, etc., from the writings of one Rabbi Simon ben Joshai, who lived in the second century A.D.

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