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NGL Life Membership and Prayer Group

Everyone is welcome to become a member of the New Guardian Light Prayer Group. There are many benefits attached to belonging to this group, such as automatic protection from psychic attacks from those who wish harm upon you, and we will invoke a Guardian Angel to guard you at all times.

When you become a member, no matter where you are living, at precisely 6-30 a.m. and 10.00p.m. on the 18th of every month each member links up spiritually and makes a special prayer. When this prayer is properly offered to the heavenly spirits, there is no earthly power strong enough to prevent the granting of the blessings and happiness which have been requested through prayer.

Whenever our members are in any danger, or fall sick, they will receive absent healing and support through their difficulties. For those seeking solutions to problems and requiring counsel from Prof. Paul B. Adu, they will have the privilege of having their letters placed one by one on the altar of the Guardian Light, and prayers offered for the speedy fulfilment of their needs and concerns.

In addition to these lifelong spiritual benefits we are pleased to include a superb selection of the following high quality items which will prove invaluable for the serious practitioners of magic:-

Member's Ring or Pendant (Please choose)

Virgin Parchment Paper

Dovesí Blood

Spiritual Garment or Robe (Please choose)

Magic Carpet

Altar Cloth

Commanding Wand

Commanding Wax Candles

To become a Lifetime Member of the New Guardian Light Prayer Group and receive all the excellent and powerful items listed above, there is a single, one-off payment of £300.00 (GBP) This special offer will not be repeated again, and you are invited to take the opportunity to belong to this illustrious group membership.

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