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Here are some of the miscellaneous items that  New Guardian Light  can provide you with.

Paulight Curio Mystic Box
This is one of the most powerful "Boxes for Treasure" ever produced. This fine legendary box is prepared in the  De Laurence high temple and will solve all your financial problems. What you need is to obtain the box, and write on the special parchment paper the amount you need. Within some seconds your request will appear before your eyes. This precious box will last you a lifetime. No side effects on self, family, friends or children. Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.
Price on Application
Adlight  Miracle
Commanding Wand
This wand is for any kind of miracle to cause anything to happen under any circumstances. The work is too much that it could not be explained in this catalogue. Please ask the Spiritual Master for enquiry, it is limited to a student of magic and spiritualist only.   
Love Me Magic Powder
This powder is very powerful and the effectiveness of it is guaranteed it is being used by both male and female who want to appear more charming and beautiful before their love ones, whether you have faith in it or not it must work because it has received special divine cosmic power, why don't you try one today.
New Age Pocket Never Dry
This is a wonderful purse that possesses the psychic power of the Transcendental spirit.You may put any amount of money inside this wallet, and when you spend it the transcendental spirit will reimburse you back. This pocket never Dry will last for as long as you exist on earth. It have no adverse effect or sacrifice at all. This is the secret of the ancient mystic masters of the past. The purses are available in Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, and Pink colours. Be specific while making your order. It comes with special instructions and is easy to operate.
Spirit Trumpet
Will the spirits talk to you will they advice you about work, love and money Then find out for yourself. Listen for the spirits voices with a students development spirit trumpet.
Gold Finding Hen of Egypt
Gold Is where you find it. you may find gold in the form of Love happiness, success, power or in money itself. Everyone is seeking gold; and it is extremely odd to have a hen find it for you, but is an old gruvire there is a romance in which a hen does just that. (a) Hen charm gold filled (b) Hen charm gold filled with chain.
Protection Necklace
Has power to destroy everything to cause the fall of hall, thunderbolts, and stars of heaven, to occasion earthquakes, storms and so forth. Having got one of this protection necklace all the above powers would be yours. To wear this talisman it is cast in bas-relief in heavy power, the raised portions gold plated, the background in matte black. A heavy gold colour triple 24" chain comes with each talisman.
Wealth Necklace
Discovers all treasures and ensures their possession Who ever possess this talisman shall never dwell in poverty. There is an eye at the top of each talisman to which a heavy gold yellow colour, 24" triple chain is attached.
Midas Touch
(Money come to me)
Money come to me. Fly into my purse. Carry a Midas touch billfold with a secret for accumulating money with a parchment talisman. Some people have it no doubt everything they touch turns to gold. It is called the Midas touch, and the reference is to an old king of the far Eastern Kingdom of Phrygia who obtained the golden gift from God. What else do you want?
De-Laurence's Swing Dictator
De-Laurence's Swing-Dictator is the simplest of devices to use in dabbling into the psychic arts. Anyone, without previous training or instruction , may make his own excursion into the exhilarating province of the psyche with the swinging glass pendulum. Simple suggestions for use supplied with each ball.
De-Laurence's Crystal Ball Fortune Teller
Mysterious De-Laurence Crystal ball fortune Teller will answer your questions instantly. You will hardly believe your eyes. You have never seen anything like that. A filmy starting metal silvery ball that answers your questions with a new outstanding action
Amazing Crystal Pendulum
Subconscious extra sensory perception powers for predicting future events and locating hidden objects. Can be tested. With amazing crystal pendulum. Answer board and complete instructions are included.
De Crystal Ball
Deemed superior for crystal purposes, students of the Spiritualism will appreciate the flawless beauty of this large 2' diameter optical acrylic Plexiglas crystal gazing ball. It is guaranteed free of any distortion whatever. Comes complete with matching pedestal and full instructions for crystal gazing.
Magician's Wand
This is a wand for the masters of the art.
Divine Spiritual Mercy Box
This is a wonderful Beautiful Box of Solomon Treasure. This box Possess the secret of King Solomon in his life time. Anything at all you want in this world will appear inside this box by your command e g Money, Gold, Diamond Jewelries, Cloths etc. Thousand of people have succeeded today through this box only they will not tell you their source of wealth.Join the thousands who have succeeded this box write to New Age Guardian Light for details.
Goatskin Parchment Paper 16x21
This is normally used to prepare talismanic seals, and had. been consecrated and blessed.
Golden Aura
Tiger Pomade
With every jar of De-Laurence's Tiger Pomade you get, not only will you receive Instructions for the Care of the hair for every member of your family, but also the invaluable, the literally priceless prayer. You can get this item from no one else. The only way to get it is to buy a jar of Tiger Pomade.
Protection Perfume
How do the masters protect themselves from pain, disease discomfort and violence. De-Laurence tells you how they do it in the instructions you get with your bottle of perfume.
Musk Golden Aura
Love Perfume
Now you can have the greatest of love perfumes. Whatever your love problem, this perfume may make you feel better.
Love Perfume
Bring to mind the sympathy and affection of the sexes and the almost universal wish for power the loved one. Both men and women have used this perfume for years with Lavish abandon.
Compelling Perfume
To force his will on his fellow men and harness the force of nature-have not these desires of men through the ages.
Attraction Perfume
To be the cynosure of all eyes, the object of all desires. Attraction works in many ways and many directions.
Dominating Perfume
Some are high, some are low, but don't let the low dominate the high Shall not the meek inherit the Earth? To learn to dominate is to learn one of the art of success.
Golden Aura Love Lucky Brand Sachet, De-Laurence's
Own Powder
The Sachet will perfume your environment to perfection and help to establish an in mate ambition for dalliance it is conveniently packed in flat plastic envelopes. There are suggestion for us with each package.
De-Laurence's Cosmetic Kit (with FREE Love Charm)
Free love charm, when you buy the above kit. You get everything you need in the kit to blow the boys minds. Lipstick, love perfume, soap combined-file in a cosmetic bag of Mylar with secret zipper compartment.
De-Laurence Anti-Perspiration Roll-On Deodorant
What makes beautiful women and strong men shun you. Don't let evil influences hold you back. Don't go about in a foul cloud. Come out in the open clear and pure. De-Laurences sends the prayer you need with your order.
Anointing Oil, De-Laurence's Private Formula (Holy Water)
Every master emphasises the importance of using the these good anndnting all in soul projection, rituals, prayer meeting and protection exercise. Can be used for mentally recited prayers.
Guard Perfume Spray
Used both night and day, De-Laurence's Guard Spray perfume permeates the surrounding atmosphere with a psychologically protective odour that intervenes between the troublesome and the managing world. Persons inclined to mysticism will find it enjoyable for inducing conditions suitable for spiritual communication.
Attar of Rose, For every important Psychic work
When you need a pungent and lasting rose order in your magic experiments you can get none superior to De-Laurence's Attar of Rose. This is in fact one of the best of Rose essential oils.
Shield me from all harm
guard oil
Anointing oil compounded privately by De-Laurence of temple incense, all spirit, cinnamon and pure olive oil. Finest formula for holy oil, protection shielding exercises, rituals and prayer meetings.
Black Incense
Some people maintain that other people are said to use black power incense on their way to up to seats of power. Some feel black is strong, and that is seems to have strength, and they like to burn it when they pray for power it seems like wisteria, the exotic Aszatic flower with the indescribably delightful odour. Here you have the power and mystery of the East while you are praying for power.
Temple Incense
People are said to call it luck and success incense You will enjoy and appreciate the new incense and delightful rose perfume with which temple incense is prepared. Good for Temple, churches and prayer meetings.
Master Compelling Incense
Can you give an inner command that will compel others to obey? To compel means to force to come or to appear, to call upon, require command without possibility of withholding or delaying. This is the power yearned for. Open your own eyes to your own power. (Small jar)
Oriental Incense
Here is an ideal incense for you,whether you need love or you give love, whether for girl friend, wife or husband, relations or friend or even yourself. Love thy neighbour, love thy employees, love thy employer, love the whole World, and may be we can end war and make life a little better.
Frank Incense
Genuine Frank Incense compounded of gums from the Arabian Peninsula and from North Africa. Complete suggestion for use. There is everything one needs for active spiritual work and study. This is a good way to being your activities. (Small Jar)
Ceremonial Incense for Invocations
Incense has for centuries been used in invocations, ceremonial and magical rites of the Far East. Its secret preparations were used by those old Arabian Chemists to whom the world is indebted for oriental incense. (Small Jar)
Ritual Incense
(Order by Brand Name)
Here are eight distinctive ritual Incenses which have been used professionally by spiritualists and mediums in their own churches or temples. They all give a beautiful fragrance and people use them in their many rituals.
Hypnotic Brand Invocation Candles Oriental Yellow
Oriental Yellow hypnotic candle is mainly used if  the subject to be hypnotised is a male. Some people prefer to burn the oriental yellow candles as well for spiritual works and invocations of all kinds.
Pure White Hypnotic
Invocation Candle
Oriental pure white candle is mainly used when the subject to be hypnotised is a female. Some also prefer to burn the pure white oriental candle for all spiritual works invocations of all kinds.
Wax Candles for Spiritual Purpose, Oriental Yellow
Oriental Yellow Candles are used by many for developing their spiritual and magical powers. Still others believe that the burning of oriental yellow candles helps them to develop their spiritual vision and Invoke spirits.
Emerald Green Candles
Emerald Green is the symbol of health and is also for money Invocation and prayers.
Channel Red Candles
Red is the flame of love and magnetic Influence. Red candles are liked by those who wish to arouse love affection in one of the opposite sexes. Red candles in a mystic sense are burned for love. For protection and victory over enemies.
Genuine Beeswax Candles
Telephone or email for further details
De-Laurence Prayer Candles
Telephone or email for further details
Transcendental Perfumes
If you practice the thumalurgic and paraphysical arts you need and aspiring agent Transcendental perfume is the ideal sprinkling liquid combining high quality with the perfect odour for those wishing to evoke the spirit world. Love talisman and instructions with each bottle. Available in Half Ounce and One Ounce.
Vale Of Kashmar
Proper preparation for Spiritual Practices is essential if one is to achieve the Communication or the Psychic state desired. Try it before your next sťance. Available in One Ounce, Two Ounce, Four Ounces.
Ouija Talking Board
This is a time honoured device for conducting. For over fifty years the Ouija board has been known among the psychic minded . Men, Women and Children all over the world have explored their psychic capacities with this unique game aboard and been well repaid in concrete result.
Chinese Wash
Many people believe the use of Chinese Wash will rid themselves and those who are dear to them, of unclean and evil conditions. Use it to clean your house.
Seven Holy Spirit Bath Oils
Mystics recommend and use these oils for personal ritual and anointing.
Mystical Lipsticks
Pick the latest shade for your complexion Enjoy the full flowering of your physical and psychic nature. Every man looks at your lips. Make them kissable. De-Laurence's golden aura love prayer comes with every stick. Colours, Red. Golden, Orange, Dusky Pink.
Guardian Light Positive Paper
This wonderful paper ever to be produced in the whole universe Imagine you obtaining this wonderful paper and say your desire on it for pools. The number of the pools that will draw that week will be revealed to you, why don't you try this, it is wonderful. Success guaranteed or your money back. Available only on special order.
Transcendental Guardian Light Pen for Pools
This is most powerful pen for pools. This pen can be used after following the necessary instruction, you will be tide from 1 to 58. The spirit make the pen to write when you mark the paper and the pen will cease not to Write if the number will not draw. Congratulation this is the  end to your losing in pools, it could also be use for lottery.  Success guaranteed.
Crystal Gazing Balls
The Hindu can, by use of the crystal   or the aid of the magic mirror, tell one's  life from the cradle to the grave. Ancient and modern Mystic is developed and perfected by the continuous use of either a gazing crystal or carry on magical or spiritual work without these things.

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