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There are some who still hold the key to Ancient Doctrines. There are others who really believe in spiritualism and Spiritual Philosophy. It was the Old Venerable Adept that knew the real secrets of ancient philosophy and acts of magic, as symbolically summarised by Moses at the beginning of Genesis.

  • What secret do these men bear with them to their tomb?
  • Why are they wondered at without being understood?
  • Why are they condemned unheard?
  • Why are they initiates of those terrific secrets of science, of which church and society are afraid of?
  • Why are they acquainted with things of which others know nothing?
  • Why do they conceal what all men desire to know?
  • Why are they invested with a terrible spiritual power of the sciences and magic?

This world will reveal all and gives food for further thought.


Every intention which does not assert itself by deeds is in vain intention and speech which expenses its idle speech. It is action which proves lives and established will. Hence it is said in sacred and symbolic books that men will be judged not according to their thought and their ideas, but according to their works.
We have , therefore, to treat in this place the grand and terrific question of magical works; we are concerned no longer with theories and abstraction, we are approaching the relatives, and we are about to place the role of miracles in the hands of the Adept, saying to him at the same time "Be not satisfied with what we tell you, act for yourself. We have to deal with works of relative omnipotence with the means of signing upon the greatest secret of nature and compelling them into services of an enlightened and inflexible will."

Magical Operations are the exercise of naturalistic powers, but one superior to the ordinary faces of nature. They are the result of a science and a practice which shall exalt ordinary grade or it exalted natural. A miracle is a phenomenon which will strike the multitude because it is unexpected, astonishing that are astonished, a miraculous effect which surprises those who are ignorant of their causes, or assigned them which are not in proportion to such effect.

I wish you Guardian Light Protection.

Yours in Divine Light
Prof. Paul B. Adu

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