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Over the many years since the inception of 'New Guardian Light'™ ministry, Prof Paul B. Adu (above) has devoted his life to helping others all over the world. What you will read below are some of the stories that the press have written about him since the early 1990's. All these stories are on file at the Head Office of New Guardian Light in London, England, and may be viewed at any time by appointment with Prof. Paul.

Lagos Weekend Friday June 11th, 1993

Power of Guardian Light

It sounds like a fairy tale but it's real and in Lagos for that matter. A 71 year old mother decided to crush the fortune of her own son, rusticated his business on the grounds that he paid more attention to his wife than her, his mother , who brought him into this world. Not only that, the woman who was a staunch member of witchcraftt cult, told in her startling confession that she used her three grandchildren against her son.

Curiously enough, Alex who was once a bouyant and successful businessman wondered how his own mother could be daft to use his own three kids against him. The children were being used as messengers to ruin him to total penury. The motor/caterpillar spare parts dealer told Lagos Weekend, " I once had all the good things of life way back in 1988, until I began to experience the dark side of my life. My business collapsed, my cars grounded and no money to feed my family. During my dire search for solution, a herbalist asked me to go to my mother and beg her who he claimed was the cause of all the predicaments. Instead of getting relieved, my mothere took my name to her cult after which she and other members decided to use my own children as messengers of the cult."

Mr Alex virtually lost all his hard-earned prosperities until he got to know about New Age Guardian Light, an international religious organisation in Lagos where he was asked to ask forgiveness of sin, which was followed by intense prayer and guardian light invocation. While with the New Age Guardian Light adept in charge, (British Citizen Professor Paul Adu), Alex was told how his mother had turned around his palms and hindered every attempt to see the brighter side of his life. He was then ordered to fetch the mother from their home, including the three children, with the aid of the Guardian Light bible, to The New Age Guardian Light Temple at 1, Oshungboye Street, Off Akilo Road, Barracks bus-stop, Opposite Tip-Top factory, Ogba, Agege, Lagos. At the temple, Professor Adu conducted a long-lasting prayer on the woman, who after receiving Guardian Light blessings shouted " Fire, Fire !"

She soon began to make blood-chilling confessions. According to her, " I decided to deal with my son, Alex, the supernatural way because he used to give his wife more money then myself, who is the mother. In short, he pays more attention to her than me. When I told him to send her packing, he refused. But when he had the gut to challenge me that I was behind his misfortune, I got angry and took his name to our meeting, and we decided to now use his own children as our agents so that he would not suspect us any longer." The aged woman also told of how she usually suck her daughter-in-laws pregnancies whenever she conceives. She added, "I took away all my son's money and fortune and punished the wife not to get pregnant for life. Sometimes when I visited them, my son's wife would not prepare good food for me, she always wanted me to leave in earnest. In fact, all the money that my son would have spent on me was being spent on her. She got too much attention and I didn't like it."

But Alex, who sobbed uncontrollably openly in New Age Guardian Light's temple on hearing his mother's confession, murmered how his wife suffered with him at the instance of his business, apparently defending the innocent wife. "She even had the lion's share of my investment so I didn't know it hurt my mother so much when she advised me to send my wife packing, which I turned down"

Before the familiar spirit was casted out of the woman by the versatile European and Indian-turned spiritualist, Professor Adu, the three kids, who had been initiated into the cult revealed how they destroyed the brains of their fellow students in the school. The kids aged 9, 13, and 14 years, also punished whoever offended them by merely sighting at the offender.

But all these are now gone with time as Professor Adu, in over a four-hour special deliverance session, infused Guardian Light into the woman and all her family.

The mother says she will now serve the Lord in the temple. Alex's business has gained a new lease of life and he keeps proclaiming the Guardian Light which he asserted must dwell in anybody that must live a peaceful and worthy life.

Lagos Weekend Friday November 5th, 1993

Magic of Guardian Light Blessing

Shortly before life turned around negatively for Mr Ses Idah in 1988, he was a proud owner of three cars. He had virtually all the good things of life as he made his fortune out of his motor spare parts business in Nnewi, Anambra State. The rather youngman thereafter plunged into a pool of predicaments which saw him visiting many churches and herbalist's homes, spending the little money that had remained with him.

Unknown to him that the genesis of his problem was borne out of jealousy from his colleagues in the same business, Mr Idah did everything possible to seek a way out but all defied solution. He eventually, packed out of his flashy store, sold it out to feed and raced to Lagos to seek greener pasture. This was not after he had sent his wife back to the village so that he would have enough time to regroup his life in Lagos where he intended to resettle for better.

The tractor spare parts he eventually found himself dealing in became epileptic, hence the situation remained unchanged. Mr Idah, who spoke to Lagos Weekend, was at the verge of giving up when he decided to participate in the end of year blessings conducted by an international spiritual organisation, New Age guardian Light, last December 26th 1992.

At the New Age Guardian Light Temple at 1, Oshungboye Street, Off Akilo Road, Barracks bus-stop, Opposite Tip-Top factory, Ogba, Agege, Lagos, the Adept in charge, Professor Paul B Adu conducted investigation into Ses's harrowing experience, after which it was discovered that his wife was responsible for his misfortune. The woman, according to British Citizen spiritualist, belonged to Ogbanje Cult which had been disturbing Ses since 1988.

Precisesly 30 days after the end of year blessings, it was another story entirely for Ses as he had tremendous change in his life. He reagained almost all he had lost. " My business picked up the way I never expected. I began to make savings on a daily basis." But sometime, in February 1993, my wife came from the village to confront me, and said that I should allow her to come and join me since things are now bouyant once again, which I refused bluntly, adding that she once caused the husband's misfortune. " I regret doing all those bad things because I was pushed to do all havoc. I never wanted to harm anybody", she stressed.

Mrs Idah continued, "All my husband's money was dumped into the basket by my members in the supernatural world, but now that I am spiritually and psychically delivered, I also regret ever using my child's deformity to gain promotion in the cult."

Ever since, Ses Idah's life has now regained bouyancy, it's compliments and testimonies from participants of the New Age Guardian Light end the year blessings. The blessings included Mrs Beatrice Lawal, Mrs Kate of London, Charles Menayan, Eleyde Ibadan, Oyo, Clara Okoro, and many other all over the world.

Prime People December 10th, 1993

Adu showers Nigerians with 1994 Guardian Light Blessings

Barely 30 days into the New Year 1994, Nigerians have been called upon to seek spiritual aid to ensure a more promising and result-orientated endeavours in the coming year.

Disclosing this at a news conference to unveil special packages tagged as " Ways to receive special end of the year blessings in Guardian Light", Professor Paul Adu, world-wide acclaimed founder of International Spiritual Organisation, reminded us all of the need to work out our devices towards a successful New Year.

He said, "If you have been recording years of woes all the while and it appears that you are not getting your desires, it is necessary to ponder on various supernatural attacks that could be responsible."

According to the ebony black spiritualist who instituted the Nigerian Branch of New age Guardian Light in Ogba area of Lagos in 1991, "Our desire to stage the 2nd Special End of the Year blessings wa sbased on the tremendous ill-lucks and misfortunes in businesses and other endeavours people try their hands on. We thought of extending the special prayer session which is being observed wordwide, to Nigeria, in view of the fact that Nigeria and Nigerians as a whole deserve abundant blessings and fortunes."

The prayers, which he said begins on the 26th December through to 31st December 1993, "Are designed in a way that makes it easier for all participants to observe. Anybody who wishes to conduct the prayers at his or her home may do so."

Lagos Weekend Friday February 11th, 1994

The Forces in Man

The natural forces in Man as created by God is so great that it would not be described by any words. According to Biblical wordings, "God created Man in his own image and breathed the breath of life into his nostrils, and man became a living soul." Gen 2:7

This should which is so dynamic and possesses infinite powers. Every individual has Divine spirit of God and a thousand and one of its dependents on how you develop this great power. There is an enormous belief among Men that some people are specially chosen to possess these powers.

It is a matter of development within thyself, and I do believe that this is one great soure of all intelligence called "God". That the mental and spiritual (mind and soul) are as one to him and in us, that intelligence has always existed and always will exist, and that we are all entitled to share alike in this great gift. We each gain all the knowledge we rightly seek and work for.

We are all slaves or masters as a result of our ignorance or our choices. That man was created a free and independent being and the laws that govern life.That we can make or mar our careers upon this earth and in the life to come and that it remains entirely with us to decide. Man declines the God given powers within them and started for crumbs when they can own the whole bakery.


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