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Below you will find some examples of my amazing work for your perusal. If any of the designs appeal to you, or set you thinking, then please send an email to me at
These designs may be printed on textile, paper, any other household items, or on any object. I feel from experience that these have helped people, and I have also done work for individuals whilst listening to them - intuitive art - which they keep for themselves. If any person is 'moved' by any of them, then they are likely to buy the displayed ones and also order one specially made for them.

Mother and Daughter
Cabbage Patch
Head Dress

All these designs may be used in many different ways, as the above only represent a small part of Ramech's work. Imagine what could appear if the Cabbage Patch was multiplied many times, what would be the result? If you are at all intrigued by this and any other of the designs, then do not hesitate to contact Ramech at the above email.

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