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The ring selection of New Guardian Light is second to none and below is a list of those that may be obtained.
Look carefully and see if there is a ring that will be just right for you.

GLR01 Egyptian Conqueror Ring This ring is for protection against evil forces and wizards. If enemies rise against you, you must conquer them. The work of this wonderful ring is unlimited Price on Application
GLR02 Tiger Eyes Ring Here is a ring for a man or woman who fights to protect what he/she has. It is also good to gain victory over enemies. "
GLR03 Lady Master Ring Guardian Light Diamond ring that gives a lady power to suppress any man and command the man to do her wishes. You are as much a master to any man with this ring, if you are seeking for any favour from man. "
GLR04 Chinese Good Luck Ring This is a powerful ring for good luck, and also good for a business man/woman to promote their sales and increase their rate of turnover. "
GLR05 Crucifix Ring This is a wonderful ring of Jesus Christ that will protect you against harm both visible and invisible. "
GLR06 The Master Diamond Ring If somebody has the evil eyes on you treating your life with charms, or trying to obtain your job, money, girlfriend or boyfriend, then you must have this ring  to destroy anybody trying to disturb your life. "
GLR07 Evil Eyes Egyptian Ring This is a powerful ring to destroy any evil eyes that are placed on you, and to prevent anybody casting spells on you. It will destroy evil eyes that come your way. "
GLR08 Eternal Love Ring This powerful spiritual ring will command everybody to love you. No matter how highly you are thought of and are not hated by your fellow man, it will bring you universal love, good luck, success and the granting of wishes at all cost "
GLR09 Love Me Ring Do you want love of the opposite sex ? This is your chance to obtain the ring that possesses all the power to force the girl of your dreams to fall in love with you. "
GLR10 Job Talisman Ring This is the ring for those of you who are looking for a job. The physic power in this ring will allow you to get the job unfailingly within weeks. As long as you possess the necessary qualifications, you will be considered before any other person. "
GLR11 Good Luck Guardian Ring This may be the ring that you have been looking for. This will automatically banish all bad luck and turn all your hard luck into good luck. Success guaranteed. "
GLR12 The Lucky Seven Ring This is the powerful lucky ring which is above all other rings. It makes all you do with your hands to be successful. Win contracts, have business success, prosperity etc. The secret includes the seven wonders of the world, seven gods of happiness and luck and the seven gifts of the spirit. "
GLR13 Pools Magical Ring This is the wonderful  from India that will enable you to see your pool numbers in your dreams. It gives you 5 to 7 draws at will. The instructions are simple and success is guaranteed. "
GLR14 Family Planning Ring This ring is for married couples who do NOT wish to get pregnant. This ring will save you the risk and effort of medical operations etc. "
GLR15 Harm Me Not Ring This is the most powerful ring for protection against anything destructive in the world. It destroys the evil spirits   that want to harm you. "
GLR16 Poison Detector Ring This is a powerful ring against poison. It will detect whether or not your food is being poisoned, it will cause the poison to be broken up. "
GLR17 Spiritualist Ring This is a ring of power for a mystic student or spiritualist to protect them against spirit attack, and to give them spiritual power to command the spirit and give them power. "
GLR18 Health Ring This ring will protect you against sickness both naturally caused or spiritually caused. It will not allow you to be sick and will protect you against the psychic attack of evil spirits. "
GLR19 Egyptian Signet and Seal Ring Egyptian signet ring possesses the order to the orcane power of protection against enemies, witchcraft etc. It compromises all the forces of the  universe to do all bindings. "
GLR20 Pentagram Ring This is the most powerful ring worn by the master of Spiritualism. It has great power of protection against enemies, witchcraft etc. It compromises all the forces of the  universe to do all bindings. "
GLR21 Bolight Invisibility Ring This is specially prepared in the Himalayan mountains for 7 Years to give you perfect working. By putting on the ring after necessary conjuration the user will become invisible. It could be tested before purchase, success guaranteed or your money back. N.B. It must only be used for positive work, or else the spirit guarding the talisman will destroy the user. "
GLR28 Egyptian Conqueror Ring This Hematite has long been a favourite 'protection' semi-precious stone. Beautifully designed and set in yellow gold mountings. "
GLR29 Men's Birth Stone Rings Wear your own birth stone mounted in solid yellow gold flanked by genuine diamonds. Birth stones are synthetic. State day and month of birth. Daily forecast "Tomorrows-Cope" free with each ring. "
GLR30 Tiger Eye Ring for the Fighter with Diamonds Here is a ring for the man who fights for what he wants and fights to protect what he has. Get the tigers fierceness into your blood and learn what it feels like to be a man. Very fancy 10 carat gold mounting set with 18mm cabochon  cut oval 1tiger eye flanked with protecting 1/20 coral genuine diamonds. They will back off when they see this ring on your knuckle. "
GLR31 Jade for the Swinging Woman Jade means everlasting beauty, youth, love and luck to many. What more could a woman want. Polished Jade cabochon gem mounted in yellow gold, with mini side diamonds. "
GLR32 Love Symbol from The Sea, The Pearl And is not Venus the goddess of love ? Certainly it is fitting that those concerned with love should wear her jewel. Those who brought the pearl from the Eastern Seas told many weird tales of the magic and mystery that surrounds it. Genuine cultured pearl is 10 carat yellow gold mounting. "
GLR33 Lady Master De-Laurence's Diamond ring is for girls. You are as much a master as lots of men, and make them like you. This up to the minute rugged 10 carat yellow gold mounting is flashy and sparkling and set with the 165 carat size diamond looks much larger. Instructions, prayers and suggestions for using your mental and psyche powers to get the men you want with your ring. "
GLR34 Magic Queen A Diamond for a woman who feels great mysterious influences surging within her. Genuine 1/10th Carat size diamond in a chic ten carat yellow gold mounting. Every woman loves diamonds so here is your chance to fall. "
GLR35 (The Diamonds) Symbol of Conqueror and Invisible Here is a way to bring your enormous power and your many hidden abilities out from a bushel. Show the world what you are and what you can do. Be safe from all harms. One carat six diamonds set in 14 carat yellow gold mounting for both sexes. "
GLR56 Chinese Good Luck Ring
Sterling Silver
Around this ring is an ancient Chinese legend, with the age old myth of unfailing good luck.
Silver sterling and 10 carat yellow gold.
GLR57 Crucifix Ring
Will you have help and protection in the dangerous days ahead ? Christ will probably mean more to you if you wear this ring.
Silver sterling and 10 carat yellow gold.
GLR58 Evil Eye Egyptian Ring If somebody has put the evil upon you, then why not try the
"Eye of Horus" protector of Pharaohs. This is the weirdest ring you ever saw. Flip top, with the eye on one side and the ankle cross of everlasting life on the other. Sizes 7, 8 and 9 only.
GLR59 The Master Diamond Ring Bear down hard on the people who are always trying to get your money or your girl. You have to bear down with the diamond hand. One fifth carat size diamond in 14 carat yellow gold mounting that even the biggest guy will be proud to wear. Prayers, instructions and suggestions with every ring. "
GLR60 Diamond Love Ring Almost all lovers believe that there is magic in diamonds, and that a magic will keep them together. 10 Carat yellow gold mounting in the famous design with mini diamond. Prayers, instructions and suggestions with every ring. "
GLR61 Diamond Protection Ring As the diamonds on the outside of the cluster form a hard protecting wall around the large diamonds, so may the protective power surround you with a shield. Genuine diamonds are set in a a very up to date 14 carat yellow gold mounting that any man will be proud to wear. "
GLR62 Health Ring Salus, daughter of Aesculaplus, was worshipped as the goddess of health, and this is said to have been her sight. Made in sterling silver. Five paper health talisman and leather case to carry them in without extra charge. "
GLR63 Egyptian Seal and Signet Ring The engraving of this traditional signet is to be an order to the arcane of power, to do the bindings of the wearers wishes. It comes in solid yellow gold. "
GLR64 Secret Panel Ring
(for your Secret)
What do you want a talisman for ? It will be engraved on the private side of the rotating plate. Your initials will be engraved on top if you wish. In yellow gold. "
GLR65 King Solomon Signet This is the optimism and happiness ring. Things will get better (is said to be the message). The inscription is believed to mean, "This shall also pass". Sterling silver and solid yellow gold. "
GLR66 Bull Ring Heavy and massive, the very embodiment of strength, power and dignity, sign of the bidder, the giver of life. Solid yellow gold "
GLR67 Lucky Seven Ring Very popular with gamblers and Sports minded people of both sexes. The Seven  Greek vowels have been a lucky sign from the most ancient times. Yellow gold. "
GLR68 Pentagram Ring Worn by the old master Spiritualists, and signified Immense power, standard equipment for the practitioners of the mystic arts. Yellow gold. "
GLR69 Zodiac Birth Sign Ring Your birth sign engraved on a beautiful signet design exclusive with De-Laurence A daily Forecast "Tomorrow cope" free with each ring State day and month of birth. Enjoy the birth sign. De-Laurence's birth sign prayer with your ring. Yellow gold. "
GLR70 Lodestone Ring Some believe the lodestone, being magnetised Iron ore. attracts things and people, and they wear it when in want of wealth and love, Genuine lodestone cut cabochon mounted in sterling sliver. "
GLR71 Snake Rings This snake shows fantastic qualities of survival against all kinds of odds Its strength and power carry him through every kind of difficulty He keeps healthy in spite of heat cold, draught, flood and starvation. For a big, powerful,  healthy man. "
GLR72 Ankh Cross
Lovely Talisman
of the Life Force
Learn to use the high voltage all around you, to get more pleasure, pep and enthusiasm.  Say the  prayer sent with your ring and better life may be possible for you. Fashioned in yellow gold "
GLR73 Black Coral
The Love ruler
Girls, you have a right to love Learn what black coral can mean in a woman's life and repeat the black coral prayer you get with your ring. Exquisite sterling sliver. "
GLR74 Memory Ring Here is the memory ring you have been looking for. De Laurence's "Elephant that never forgets", can now accompany you on every examination and test that you ever take. Learn to rely on the spiritual forces supporting you. Memory prayer with each ring. Gold Colour "
GLR75 Love Star Sapphire Ring The star in this ring is believed by lovers to mean  faith, hope and destiny. Beautiful imitating a star sapphire you can enjoy seeing the star in this  sterling silver set ring. Love talisman and instructions with each ring. "
GLR76 Black Coral
The People Fuller
Attraction, attributed to black coral by wizards looming through mists of time. Hard to make friends, keep lovers. try black coral. This is man's ring, handsomely fashioned in sterling silver.
Black Coral prayer with each ring.
GLR77 Be like a Lion, Be like a King Men admire the lion, the way he dominates the females, the way he keeps other males away from his harem. Red stimulated Stones in the eyes and a clear one in the mouth. "
GLR78 May the Virgin Mary
Protect You
Bring your whole family and yourself under the protection. Join the million who pray to her every day. This is the virgin's own miraculous medal made into a sterling silver ring. "
GLR79 Egyptian "Black Lucky" Ring Black only in widely accepted by many as a talisman for luck, success and good fortune Set in 10 Carat solid yellow gold. It makes a handsome ring for any man. "
GLR80 Faithful Zodiac Guard Locket filled with protection love perfume Need protection from burglars, criminals of all kinds, or enemies of either sex etc., invoke your birth sign for protection. Men and women wear these lockets filled with De-Laurence protection brand solid perfume and feel safe. "
GLR81 Sterling Silver Ankh Ring This ancient Egyptian symbol of everlasting life is a big seller, and is  adjustable to any size. "
GLR82 The Lunar Crucifix of Jesus Reassuring crucifix of Jesus will shine all night.  As you sleep it shines with a blue white light like that of the moon. Absorbs rays of light in the day, shines forth in the night. Sleep without fear and with much spiritual influences. "


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