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Professor Paul Adu became a Master by studying in a monastery in Karela, Southern India, for two years, under the tutelage of other Masters. Amongst the subjects he studied were the Arts of Conjuration, Astrology, Ceremonial Magic, Divination and Healing.

He is also a skilled reader of the Tarot, Crystal Ball and Palmist. He is internationally renowned for his Spiritual abilities, and is always ready and willing to assist those who need help and direction in their life with their problems.

Professor Paul founded the New Age Guardian Light Mystic Centre to open all pathways to Spiritual enlightenment, to reach out to your untapped natural powers and guide you towards knowledge and inner light.

In addition to offering Spiritual readings and guidance the New Age Guardian Light Mystic Centre has an extensive selection of everything needed for those wishing to pursue their own studies of magic and the spritual philosophies.

Professor Paul offers a very sincere and personal service to all, and has many satisfied clients all over the world who have received help and advice with their problems.

He has travelled all over the world in his tireless efforts to help people young and old in their own search for a better way of life. Testimonies have been received at his Head office in London and may be viewed there by appointment. Some of these can also be viewed on this website by clicking here.

Many of you may also know of "De-Laurence" and its products which are available from New Guardian Light.......Prof Paul has studied many of the works of De-Laurence and studied a De-Laurence correpondence course in the USA where he obtained a Ph.D in Psychic and Philosophy. To view some pictures from one of his rare text books, which has been out of print for many years, please click here.

Professor Paul is a professor of Psychic and not an academic professor.


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