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Please see if there is a Talisman that will suit you in the most comprehensive list that follows.

GLR36 Kavacha Talisman This Kavacha talisman is the great giver of wealth and good grace. It destroys dangers, difficulties, eradicates all sorts of poisons, and bestows victory at all times. Gold filled with neck chain. Price on Application
GLR37 Thunder Bird Talisman The Thunder Bird was universally respected by the American Indians. It meant plenty of rain and sunshine to raise the crops. Also the representative of health and strength for hunters and warriors.. Head engraved on a 3/8ths gold plated disk with 26 inch chain to hang from the neck.       "
GLR38 Cable -Two Pendant Warrior good luck charm for countless ages. Not only for those engaged in war but for people engaged in contests involving personal confrontation, and for those whose business activities involve competition and controversy. It is hand engraved on a solid yellow gold with a gold filled neck chain. "
GLR39 Lovers Medal Proclaim your love to all the world with your lovers medal. Wear it proudly for everyone to see. Sterling silver yellow gold medal on chain. "
GLR40 Marriage Medal Give your marriage partner the protection of this sterling silver medal which carries the symbol of love. The Alpha and Omega denote the beginning and end of life. The triangle signifies unity and the Holy Trinity, whilst the dove is the emblem of Love. Sterling  Silver neck chain is included. "
GLR41 De-Laurence's Guardian Angel Gold Crucifix and Chain Death on the cross had a new meaning after the crucifixion of Christ. Christ's sacrifice to save humanity made the cross the symbol of the Saviour, The Lord God who would protect and shield us from evil. It is to be worn by both sexes. "
GLR42 Pentagram Talisman This is the most powerful of all talismans. The Pentagram expresses the minds domination over the elements, and it is by this sign we bind the demons of the air, the spirits of fire, the spectres of water and the ghosts of the earth. It is the star of magic, the burning star of the Gnostic schools and the sign of intellectual omnipotence and autocracy. "
GLR43 St Laurence Medal Are you upset, disturbed and troubled ? Do you need help to settle your nerves ? A prayer to St Laurence may be just what you need to quiet your nerves.  Take your St Laurence medal in your hand and you can bathe  your psychic in the health giving waters or respite and vepen. Made in Sterling Silver with neckchain. "
GLR44 The Aladdin Charm Have you ever heard of Aladdin and his Magic lamp ? Write commands onto the parchment talisman in the pocket. The instructions accompanying De-Laurence's Aladdin charm will tell you how to care for it. The charm itself is a little silver box with an opened frame face through which you can see the Aladdin parchment talisman. "
GLR45 Guard Locket for Women
and Children
The Holy Cross on the front of the locket is like the hand of the virgin protecting you and your children from all harm. Inside the locket you will find a tiny printing of the Lord's Prayer. "
GLR46 De-Laurence's Lovers Locket Love finds beautiful expression in this delightful 1/20 yellow gold locket. There is genuine love, the woman's jewel, the jewel of love and good fortune. There is cupid's arrow, the veritable symbol of physical love embedded in bright orange lacquer, the colour of love from time immemorable. Locket comes complete with chain. "
GLR47 Guardian Angel Pendant Teach your child to pray to its Guardian Angel. Make them feel loved and secure. Pin the Guardian Angel to your shirt or coat lapel. Give one to your children of your loved one. A Guardian Angel prayer comes with every one. The Pin is a pendant with a sterling silver 15 '' chain. "
GLR48 Crystal Rosary Overcome your troubles ! Pray to our Virgin Mother for the Power of Grace. Others have peaceful homes, happy marriages, love, healthy children, good health and prosperity. Why shouldn't you ? New Age Guardian Crystal Rosary. "
GLR49 Guardian's Star & Crescent
Isis Pin
Solid sterling silver pin of Isis called the Virgin Pin. Women have worn this sign embroidered on their clothes, jewellery,  buckles, and have even worn them on their shoes. Any man giving a woman this pin somehow bonds her to him. Comes complete with instructions. "
GLR50 Ladies & Gentlemen's Guard Wrist Watch New Age Guard Wrist Watches are elaborately engraved on the back plates with the sacred image of the Lambs of Jesus with the cross, and for so many hundreds of years the sign of our watchful protecting Lord. Bold masculine design, high in quality, full raised, gold dial. 10/2 line movement and yellow gold case. Stainless steel back. Attractive dress watch for a lady, latest chic design. In yellow gold plate. "
GLR51 Protection Identification
for Both Sexes
May the Lord defend thee. Don't forget to wear your protection identification bracelet. Who knows what might happen to me if I didn't wear my identification bracelet. Each bracelet is engraved especially on order. Suggestions for wearing  and Protection prayer from De-Laurence comes with each bracelet. For both men and women. Please send your initials with your order "
GLR52 New Age Guardian Light
Master Key
Those who face intellectual trials or problems love to carry the Master Key in the pocket where its reassuring confirmation is said to give new confidence to the mind. Those who must speak to large gatherings or even to just one individual of importance or important subject, often like the Master Key. Examination and tests, competition for jobs political office all require a mind that is completely confident. Three types available.(a)Master Key with gold filled chain (b)Master Key with pin attached to be pinned to cloth (c)Master Key with plain back to carry as mascot or pocket piece. "
GLR53 The Table of Jupiter Talisman This is a new talisman brought out by New Age Guardian Light. Engraved on Gold or silver plates. The table of Jupiter talisman is for riches, peace, honour dignities etc. A talisman of the dark ages, the hierarchy of divine power, divine names and the number thirty-four plus the ten manes of God. To be worn on the person. "
GLR54 Mascot Pocket Piece
(Good Luck Charms)
Many believe that if you carry these alleged good luck charms on your person, good luck may come to you. Now carry these with you where're you go. Wheel Cross of War, Solomon's Seal. Twelve signs of the Zodiac, Symbol of Sun-God, Lucky number seven, serpent of health etc. "
GLR55 Bonzo Dream Stone Genuine Green Jade sacred. Sacred Scientists say "Matter is being constantly created perhaps dreams can come true". Jade is precious and sacred in the East. The sacred  is a favourite Eastern talismanic art-form The sacred  are oval, fat on one side and earnestly carved and inscribed "Bonzo Stone". Comes with carry case. "
GLT133 Paulight Mystic Bracelet For absolute protection it should be hung on the neck or worn  round the waist. It is unequalled in overcoming witches and wizards directing you the way where your success is hidden. "
GLT134 Bolistic Talisman To protect one against all   sickness caught from a woman such as Gonorrhoea, Aids, Syphilis, poison and any other disease, sickness, transmitted by them. "
GLT135 Elohim Talisman For general protection and luck, it is a good charm to a pregnant woman and a Wonderful preparation for sure delivery at child birth and to prevent the death of a child at Birth. "
GLT136 Jehovah Jireh Talisman To see witchcraft. Any witchcraft approaching you will appear to you visible With five of other queer signs which will make you catch it and destroy if if you wish. "
GLT137 Oriental Magnetic Pen WIN your beloved's  heart with this beautiful pen. Letters written to your beloved with this pen will make him or her love you more, and will agree with what you write with it. It will make him or her your slave of love for ever in life. "
GLT138 Guardian Vashikaran Many of life's mysteries are not understood. Now you can understand through this for success in love and marriage. Your love and marriage, your love and beloved will be yours for ever. You can bring the desired person (he or she) under absolute control, it will end domestic quarrels and the atmosphere at home will become heavenly. "
GLT139 New Age Talisman It is a great remedy to the wearer to be cured, if he is badly suffering over an illness, it gives luck to unlucky people, a cure for both man and women to avoid an untimely death. "
GLT140 Guardian Angel Ring A friend in need. It will help everyone to get in contact with his/her guardian Angel for advice and necessary instruction to wards one's need. "
GLT141 Guardian Light Magic Purse It is a wonderful purse. The more you spend out of it the more money will come into it. It is alleged it will never be empty. Besides, it will bring you prosperity and all round happiness. "
GLT142 Guardian Light Handkerchief Do you want to bring somebody under your control? Then here is a chance of a lifetime to avail. This mesmerised handkerchief will enable you to win over anybody you like. "
GLT143 Guardian Light Magic Scent Egyptians are famous for their magic all over the world, that mystic man has discovered a magic scent. Its effect are so powerful that whoever smells it will become your slave for life. "
GLT144 Navaratna Light Kavacha This talisman is for examination to see an answer on the blackboard. This is a mystery Kavacha alleged to show you clear answer to question in an examination, on either a black board or on a sheet of paper. "
GLT145 Instant Love Talisman To win the love of ladies by force. It will eat into the bones and heart of the ladies until they accomplish your desire and they will never have peace of mind. "
GLT146 Vashikara Mesmerism Handkerchief This a Wonderful handkerchief allegedly enabling you to vanish money of any quantity from any place to go to your room or any desired place. The handkerchief can not be over emphasised. but many of our customers working in ships, banks and big trading houses allegedly have really found in it an ever unfailing way to bring money to them. It will also help users to vanish anything which is not more than 40lbs in weight. "
GLT147 Memory Talisman This Talisman is for remembering anything you wish without undue delay. This Talisman is for equal power and will enable its user to detect counterfeit money at a glance. "
GLT148 Vashikara Success Talisman For Typists and shorthand typists to get lucrative jobs and to avoid making unnecessary mistakes in their works. "
GLT149 Guardian Light Pendant
against Accident
Worlds greatest protector in the cause of accident at any time. It is also for protection and general luck to frustrate the plan of witchcraft, secret enemies and evil spirits, and save the user from sudden death. This talisman sold like hot cakes and whoever takes his life and progress in life seriously must use one of them. "
GLR150 Guardian Light Prosperity Ring For quick sales and for a trader to have regular profits and no loss. By using this ring you can bring back better trade if you have had it hard in the past. The customers will turn to you and you will lead in the market, believe it or not. "
GLR151 Guardian Angel Talisman For conjuring spirits, particularly the twins angel spirits. They may come to you in your room or anywhere else and give you their assistance in any form you may like it. It is harmless to operate and there is nothing that will make you fearful, provided you follow the instructions. "
GLR152 Guardian Light Mascot Specially prepared against deportation of any kind, either transfer, banishment or a woman forced to leave her husband by any person, or authority of any kind. "
GLR153 Durbow Talisman A Special spectacle Talisman that has power to open your eyes and make you read and understand any book or books that you might read. It does not matter whether you have been to school before or not. The moment you have it on, you become educated so that you can read and write correctly. It is really a blessing to those who have suffered for a long time, begging people to read and write for them. "
GLR154 Tzardh Talisman This talisman is for trading. The most wonderful Talisman ever introduced in the spiritual field. This talisman is double edged. Firstly it will bring numerous customers to the place you use to sell your goods. Whatever the quality of goods that he/she purchases will be cleared from his/her store within 24 hours. Secondly it will make the user alpha and omega of place where he/she is selling, because unless the users goods are completely sold, no other trader nearby can sell anything. It overshadows the luck of either and makes the user the best of all in the store. Have it and be proud of your sales. "
GLR155 Money Talisman This is one of the most famous charms today in the mystic world. The invincible inscription on the face around the mystic coins therein reads as follows "Keep me and never go Broke" Whoever possesses this talisman will never be broke or lack money in his pocket. "
GLR156 Egyptian Conqueror Ring The Mystic of all mysterious rings with power to command, power to overcome all evil spirits and Black Magical Art, power to attract fortune and Wealth. A key to all round happiness. Its effectiveness is guaranteed. "
GLT157 Magic Mirror This is such a wonderful mirror that hidden treasure can be seen in it. You can see your future in it during the night time. Limited stock so order yours today. "
GLT158 Great Mascot Talisman Are you successful? If not, success is within your reach. This ring is prepared according to the secret formula of India saints, each colour according to the planet ruling your destiny. It will help you throughout your life in all your undertaking and protect you from all evil planets, no more bad luck. This must bring you riches, health, trading prosperity, and general love. "
GLT159 Guardian Light Aura Goggles These are wonderful metaphysical Goggles used to see somebody's Aura. If you want to know if evil spirit or witchcraft is worrying somebody, or anything is happening to the person, then use these wonderful goggles. All will be revealed to you. "
GLR160 Touch and Follow Talisman This talisman ring has the power of hypnotism in it with the result that it will overpower any person it touches. If you have this ring you are sure to control every lady that comes your way. There is no wasting time with it, all you have got to do it to put the ring on any finger that it will fit and then go about chasing her immediately ! When you meet the lady just shake her hand or touch her body and say in the form of salutation (sent with talisman) from that moment she will love you as the teeth love the tongue. "
GLT161 Free Guardian Light Protection Ring (for members only) This great Guardian Light Protection Ring will protect all Guardian light members and students from enemies, witches, wizards, evil forces and all perils/dangers whatsoever. This ring is send to all members free of charge. If you are a Guardian Light member ask for your own. This ring will also protect the user against Accidents in the Air, On the Sea and on Land. "
GLT162 Guardian Light
Fortune teller Jar
This mystic modern researcher is a mysterious fortune telling Jar made to reveal secrets of whatsoever you may want to deal with at any time and in any place. Five minutes is enough to clear the secrets that you may want to know of, very easy to use and lasts for a lifetime. "
GLT163 Guardian Light Kavacha The wearer of this Kavacha is sure to win a law suit, attain success in all undertaking, get services and promotion, pass examinations, subdue enemies and prosper in business. It will also make childbirth easy and protect the child in the womb and save ones family from extinction. "
GLT164 Magic Carpet This is a very, very powerful magic carpet for invocation of spirits, for astral travel, and to command anything to come to pass or to travel to another planet. The work of this magic carpet is so great that we can not explain it here. "
GLT165 Adlight Talisman For stopping or commanding thieves to stand still can also be used to command thieves to return stolen goods. "
GLT166 Memory Oil This Memory Oil will help you to remember all that you study. It will also help you get distinction in any examination you take. It is good for Students, Accountants, Workers and Traders . You will never forget anything. "
GLT167 Aziapelis Talisman This brings fortune to the wearer wherever they may be and it helps in business of any kind, and promotes people who work in the higher echelons. "
GLT168 Wishes Ancient Talisman This protects the wearers from poison of any kind . It saves people from any accident according to their wishes. "
GLT169 Wealth Talisman The owner and giver of wealth and riches it help in fights and brings victory anytime. "
GLT170 Gambling Talisman This will help in gambling in either lotteries or football-pools and will give good luck to all travellers. "
GLT171 Rabbi Solomon Talisman This is a boon to everyone who has it. It will promote a good state of happiness throughout their lives. "
GLT172 Hebrew Talisman The Hebrew Talisman will restore health to the sick people and will give constant help to other people who remain healthy. "
GLT173 Square Circle Talisman This square Talisman was used by King Solomon to attain wealth, success in trade and day to day business. "
GLT174 El- Shaddi Talisman The greatest Talisman which brings great retentive memory and keeps the wearer informed about his wishes. "

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