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Some of the Questions  and  Testimonies   that we have received


There are many different religious beliefs that people follow, such as Anglican, Roman Catholic, Hinduism, Buddhism, Muslim, Jewish , Islam and so forth, so will my religious ideals and practices affect my spells ?


Your religious beliefs are your own private concern, and should not present a stumbling block to the successful outcome of your spells. The only way in which your spells could fail is if you harbour guilt or revenge in your heart, in which case the spell would probably not achieve its desired result. Do not on any account cease to follow your religion, but enter into the art of working spells with an open mind and heart, and draw down the celetialforces of the universe which are there for all mankind, and put them to use for the betterment of yourself and your fellow man.


I note that you make a charge for working spells, personal readings and magical kits. Why do I have to pay for these things ?


Every professional charges a fee for their services, as it is their expertise- which is acquired through many years of work and study- that is at your disposal. Additionally, ingredients for the spell kits such as candles, talismans, herbs and oils have to be obtained form suppliers around the world, and none of these, unfortunately, are sent to me free of charge. I feel, however, that I offer a very comprehensive selection of goods that you may need for all your spiritual work. Everything that I offer for sale is of the best quality, and personally selected in order that you will receive an excellent product at a fair price. All kits and other items are always consecrated before they are sent out, and my staff are always available to give you help and advice. Every business has its running costs, regardless of what kind of help and /therapy they are offering,i.e. Aromatherapy, Tarot readings, Reflexology, Shiatsu, Astrology, Reiki, to name but a few. All of us are subject to the laws of government, who demand taxation, insurance, utility charges etc, and we all have to pay our dues and demands. Nevertheless, I sincerely believe that the personal services that I offer and moderately priced, and are also fully guaranteed. I always strive to give my clients the best help, genuine advice and assistance at reasonable charges.

We respect our customers’ privacy and keep their privacy secret. We only publish their testimonies because they have asked us
to do so at their request so as to encourage other people that have similar problems to theirs to benefit.
Below are a few testimonies from our satisfied customers around the world.



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Prof Paul Adu

I am writing to share my experience that happened. After I started my initiation on October 16th, I heard the sound of a bell jingle. This happened throughout the day. I also would hear the sound of wings fluttering whenever I step inside the circle to doing invocation, I notice the air around the circle is warm.

On the last night of my initiation, as I was drifting off to sleep, the room appeared to be hazy, as though I was in a trance. I felt cold and an angel appeared standing over me. I opened my eyes wider, the angel called my name and said not to be afraid. As he was speaking, he was pulling me up by my right arm.I was speaking with him as I was rising up to sit. I wanted to get up, but felt extremely sleepy. My body and eyelids were very heavy. The entire episode consist of my talking with the angel and his pulling on me by the arm to get me to sit up. This lasted for several minutes. I closed my eyes and collapsed on the bed. As I laid down, I immediately opened my eyes and realized what had just transpired.

I am very pleased to received all my spiritual gifts.

Thank you for assisting me in my endeavour.


Ruby Seymour
New Orleans

Received by letter 8 November 2002

dear professor paul, i did not want to call you or write to you before
getting my results. i passed my exam thanks to god, and you. i can't thank
you enough for all the support and the help that you brought to my life. now
we going to work on getting a job. i''m sending you 131 pounds not to pay you
but to thank you, i will not forget you when things get better. call me or
send me an email when you receive this mail. the control number is
xxx-xxx-7460 the sender 's name is mathurin olama onana.
thanks and god continues to bless you by giving you the power to heal.
Anastasia Ngoue.
Received by email 4th March 2002(copy at Head Office of New Guardian Light)

My dear Prof.
Iam glad to inform you of my save arrival at
Tuskegee university on sunday 1030pm Alabama local
time.Iam presently signing my employment papers.Thanks
indeed for your highly effectful spiritual
assistance.Ipromise to show my appreciation as time
goes on.You will hear from me soon.
Dr.Sunday Dada
Received by email, 16th August 2001.(copy at Head Office of New Guardian Light)

Dear Prof Paul,

Very, grateful for the deepest and sincere assistance from Prof. Paul today in Stuttgart, very amazing with this fantastic help.
Godfred Nartey. Mannheim, Germany
4th August 2001

Dear Prof Paul,
The Accuracy of your Reading has left me dumbfounded, you are absloutley spot on, my boyfriend did come back to me and we are now married with the recent birth of a baby boy.
Than you very much keep up your Good work.
Mrs P. Ford. Brooklyn, New York. USA.

Thank you Guardian Light
My Lover & I are now reunited. I offer many thanks to you and your organisation. I have also recommended you to some of my friends who will be contacting you shortly.
Once again Thank you.
Paul Wilkins Birmingham. England.

Dear Prof,
Thank you for your Assistance. I have now found a new Girlfriend and we are hoping to get married just as you predicted.
Also my papers have come through and I have just been given my permanent stay in Germany with my wife.
I thank you very much more than I can say.
You are one in a million.
MR Antony Kinssley. Dortmond. West Germany..  

Dear Prof Paul,

Having  read  with much interest, your publication made in the "Tell-weekly magazine of 25 thJanuary,2000 edition.I wish to write this open  testimony  by  thanking  you  a lot for making yourself and your spiritual services available to humanity. You are really wonderful, and have differentiated yourself from the fake and selfish ones, by making your services genuine and worth-paying for. Please keep it up. Your spiritual center is the best life insurance for all problems. Your spiritual wisdom/clairvoyant power to identify,analyse, and provide "100% success guaranteed solutions made easy" to many people, irrespective of their different religious, political and social backgrounds, have made you second to none.Solving my uncountable and life-unsettled problems was like hell on earth. But only one week I contacted you, followed the biblical instructions, prayer, with the spiritual materials sent to me by you, my life was totally changed. My marriage was perfected, my societal status elevated, my success,protection and other blessings are not measureable. I have declared your name and your spiritual services to my relatives, friends and colleaques  They also want to be partakers of your powerful spells, and other spiritual materials that bring good luck, protection, good and lasting marriage, good success in all human endeavours, etc. I have already ordered for the supply of your catalogue to implement subsequent demands..

Chukwudi .,Stuttgart-Germany.
Feb 2001

Dear Prof. Paul,

Re-my testimony about you and your result-oriented and solutions made easy:

I was among those who like to keep their problems to themelves because of lack of trust and other deceptive attitude from people. But frequently, I find myself slipping deeper and deeper into despair. I have even tried many churches with their "pay as request prayer requests, nothing positive happened.And they found it difficult to tell me that they cannot help me, because they still need my money.either in form of offering or tithes. But today, I am happy that I found Prof. Paul(a genuine,sympathetic and renowned world clairvoyant) who powerfully identify my problems(spiritually, physically and materially) used what the churches had but failed to succeed to transformed my life with good success, the best of my dream job with good salary,my marriage papers and marriage,freedom and total protection from all negativee forces against my life, my finance, acceptance and so on.

Prof. Paul, you are really wonderful, and your excellent and success guaranteed services worth more than the money I paid to you. I made it,thanks a lot! People thought that I am a big failure in life, but I made it through your spiritual guardian. I have recommended your name and what you can do to my loved ones, friends and colleaques Please send to me your spiritual
catalogue to enable me order some interesting and effective spiritual materials from your highly esteemed "new age guardian light ministry.".

I remain gratefully yours.

Feb 2001

 Dear Prof.

I wanted to thank you for your help last summer. After I bought Lover Return To Me Love Spell from you, I did the ritual for 21 days. Thereafter, on the 23rd day my boyfriend came back to me. We are now married. Thank you very much. I will be forever grateful to you. I will introduce you to any of my friends who may need you help.

Thanks for your help things are going great.

Yours Tracy Wood.

Luton – England.

Dear Miracle Worker,

 Thank you, thank you, and thank you.

3 months ago, I came to you about my boyfriend who left me for another woman. I was totally heartbroken. I was going to commit suicide, but when I came to you, you gave me a reading, after that would get back with my boyfriend. After you performed your ritual for me. After 28 days I got a call from my boyfriend that he was coming back to me and that the relationship between him and Sandra is over and that he now realises how much he loves me. Now we are back together, and he bought me an engagement ring. Once more thank you very much. I recommend your product for anyone who has similar problem to mine.

God blesses you and continues to give you abundant power to help humanity.

Glender William –

Brook Rd – London E7 8NQ

 Hi Prof,

How are you. I’ll just keep you one second. I am writing you to let you know that after I started to use 'Let Go Of My Man' Spell, Steve rang me last night and left a message on my voicemail that he wanted me to call him. He said we need to discuss an important issue. When I called him he was full of apologies. He told me how much he missed me. I just want to let you know that I bet your Spell has done this miracle. I say big thank you.

Jasmin Wangwood – Birmingham.

 Hello Prof,

First of all, I wanted to thank you. I ordered 'I Want You To Love Me' spell preparation several months ago and have had Incredible results. I’ll admit that I was a bit sceptical about ordering but was willing to try anything. But I am glad I tried it because now everything is just getting better. We are growing more comfortable and affectionate as each day passes and I haven’t been this happy in my life. Once again thank you

From Jennifer Southwood

Manchester M4 - England

Hi Paul,

I just have one thing to say you are good, Okay. I order leave my men a Love Spell.  After I used it all those girls were interested in my boyfriend including his ex-girl friend all left him alone and now he have me as great as ever. Thanks a million.

…Emma – London

 Hello Paul,

The Spell work is going good. I have seen a lot of positive changes since I used ‘Let go of my man’ and ‘Rekindle our love spelll’. He has been regularly available in the evenings. We spent a lot of time together…….. and now he is coming to live with me next week. Thank you for your spell, it has worked wonderfully.

Judith – London

Hello Paul,

New Guardian Light products are of top quality and extremely powerful. Beyond that his Devotion to his clients is as great as the product themselves. Had it not been for these spells and Prof. Paul caring for his clients beyond the mere sale of goods, I will still be alone and miserable. Thank you, Prof. Paul.

…Carol – Leeds.

Dear Professor,

I used the Love Me alone Kit first and I got result the same Night I will continue to use it. He was full of I love you all evening, after I’ve tried it. Even screaming it out loud. Thank you Sir.

Tanya Lighthouse.


It has been quite a while since I spoke to you last. I must let you know that I ordered the ‘Get Employment ’ Spell and it did work for me. I left Mark and Spencer exactly what you said would happen. Did happen. I am in my dream Job. It happened anyway and totally unexpected. I have been in my new job for the past 2 months now, and I am quite happy.

Thanks a lot you have helped turn my life around.

Ian Watson – East Finchley (London)

Hello Paul,

I was scared to death to try this stuff. I had read so much crap on the net that I did not know what to believe. But after I spoke to you I was relieved because I knew I have been told the truth. After I used the Spell you recommended to me everything is much better. Thank you very much

Simon Lopez

 Hi Paul,

 Guess What???.  He is home!!  He came back about three days ago and apologised. This has never happened before. He always found a way to blame me for whatever went wrong. And said he want to go for counselling. He accept his mistake and apologised. Your Love Me Alone Spell has worked – Miracle-.

Thank you, Mr. Magic Prophet.

Desree Young.

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